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Market Research can help you answer:

Who is my target customer?

How can my organization improve the user experience of our product?

How can we measure impact?

What we do

Orange Vista seeks to discover the information to help your organization capture valuable opportunities and better position itself for the future. As a boutique consultancy, we pride ourselves in personalized service and attention to detail. Our expertise and vision, combined with excellent customer insight, data analysis, and inquiry skills, will help you streamline processes and foster better decision making.

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Innovation at Orange Vista

At Orange Vista, we are deeply focused on innovation. Informed research can help you understand your stakeholders' attitudes, perceptions and beliefs. This information can help your organization become more empowered to prioritize its time, people, and financial capital more efficiently. 



Social Enterprise

  • Uncover trends and opportunities that have the potential to improve student outcomes.
  • Understand the motivations and appetite for change.
  • Identify the champions of change within an¬†organization.
  • Develop models that can test the effectiveness of new tools and platforms.
  • Understand the patient, provider and payer behaviors that may influence patient health outcomes.
  • Design new products and services that are patient-centric.
  • Create product roadmaps that incorporate all elements of the new product development process.
  • Interview stakeholders within an ecosystem to understand motivations and behaviors.
  • Identify trends and opportunities for service expansion that may generate additional revenue.
  • Promote strategic alignment of organization to operational strategy.